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Upcycled accessories that coordinate with every day fashion.

wear your beer.



Inspired by the unique art on craft beer cans, we set out to create accessories that make you re-think the way you look at trash. Our eco-friendly accessories bring your closet and the environment together in a beautiful way. We are redefining your favorite beverage into classic accessories that coordinate with every day fashion!


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State Beer Shirts

Created by, Ben Lolli of The Beer TrALE, these shirts are made to let you rep your love of beer and your state in a comfy & fashionable way! 



Deep discounts on tons of items! We're talking up to 75% off and once they're gone, they're gone!


state necklaces

A unique take on the state necklace trend, we make em out of beer cans! We also offer hand stamped "Drink Local" state necklaces. Custom requests are accepted at no additional charge. 

art from trash? can do!
— Johnson City Press